who are we?

Our team was born through mutual interest to create a more sustainable built environment by making architectural design and construction more intelligent, accessible, and sustainable. Through our combined experience and skills drawn from design practice, and academic research on new digital manufacturing and computational design work-flows our goal is to build the first Net-Zero Tower in South-East Asia.


Camiel Weijenberg, Director, Weijenberg Pte

Sayjel Vijay Patel, Founding Assistant Professor, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Tejas Chavan, Computational Design Architect

Janice Ho, Software Engineer

SUTD Research Team, 2016 - present

Chan Wei Jie, Law Kang Jie River, Lim Xin Wan Cheryl, Sia Chin Kiat, Yee Zheng Kang,Chantalle Goh, Kendrick Tay, Ng Qi Boon, Threvin Anand, Wang Zhaomin, Yeo Peishan, Anjelica Ong, Chan Jia Hui, Chua Rui Xiang, Daniel Yong, Denise Lim, Ng Kang Raye, Patrick Khoo, [Faculty Advisers] Bige Tuncer, Nagaravan Raghavan